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Stockholm’s Most Underrated Hidden Gems

Stockholm is a city of vibrant colors full of excitement and is worthy to be visited thanks to its impeccable world-class museums, gorgeous parklands, and noteworthy cuisines worth exploring. Its highly efficient transportation network is top-notch and it’s definitely one of the reasons why tourists keep coming back. 

Urbanized and high-tech, yet incredibly eco-friendly, this city is a wonderland of cityscapes and sprawling greenery– the perfect place for scenic promenades for your friends and family. Within this city are a handful of hidden gems waiting to be explored by you. These are just some of the most underrated places to go in Stockholm! 

5.) Fotografiska

Address: Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 11645 Stockholm

This is Stockholm’s world-renowned contemporary photography museum that hosts an array of unique exhibitions throughout the year. Visitors can explore Sweden’s coolest shots from conceptual photography to the wonders of nature. 

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4.) The Viking Museum 

Address: Djurgårdsvägen 48, Stockholm

If you’re interested in the fascinating rich history of Vikings, you’ll surely want to visit the Viking Museum for yourself! In this museum, you’ll get to explore the archeological artifacts that would give you real-life insight into how Norsemen profoundly affected European history.

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3.) Thiel Gallery 

Peruse at one of the most beautifully curated museums in Sweden! Art in this museum belonged to Ernest Thiel which is thoughtfully displayed. You will have the opportunity to see the largest collection of Edvard Munch art and painting of other famous Nordic artists from the 1700’s-the 1900s. 

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2.) Tom Tits Experiment 

Address: Storgatan 33, 15136 Södertälje, Stockholm

It’s not what you think and it’s definitely not what you’d expect this to be. This attraction is a large experiment where one can learn about science in the most immerse way possible! Marvel at interactive experiments alike and even have the chance to test your problem-solving skills at challenges. Highly recommended for kids (and kids at heart!) 

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1.) Treehotel

Nestled amongst the trees of Harad’s forests lies a unique stay you’d never find elsewhere! This hotel offers a serene atmosphere and well-kept modern, yet eco-friendly rooms. 
As shown above, the Mirror Cube is the most famous and booked room that melts along the landscape of the Arctic forest. 

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