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Iconic The Princess Diaries Filming Locations in SF+ Where To Stay! 

At one point in time, The Princess Diaries has been a Y2K film favorite of people all over the world. The film was shot in a variety of locations, from California to the United Kingdom, but this fun modern fairytale was set in San Francisco. 

If you were a fan of the Princess Diaries when it first came out 20 years ago, you might want to revisit some of its renowned film locations right now to relive your childhood memories! 

4.) The Firehouse Home 

Location: 724 Brazil Avenue in the Excelsior District, near Athens St. 

Helen (Caroline Goodall), Mia’s free-spirited mother, lives in an abandoned firehouse in the city’s south end. Mia’s mother’s art studio was also located in the abandoned building that became her home. 

3.) Grove High School 

Location: 2601 Lyon Street

The Princess Diaries High School is actually a house! (A very expensive property that lasts sold for 10 million dollars.) This house was simply changed into the front of Grove High School with some creative styling with school banners and tight framed shots, though the interior sequences were all shot in LA (which you can quickly figure out as a viewer based on how dang sunny all those school courtyard moments are).

2.) Vintage Arcade Scene

Location: Musée Mécanique Pier 45, Fishermans Wharf

The entire arcade is a true museum: the Musée Mécanique. It used to be in the basement of the Cliff House, but in 2002 it was relocated to Fisherman’s Wharf, where it is now completely free to visit. If you want to try your hand at arm wrestling, the equipment is still there even after 20 years.

1.) Cable Car Scene Street

Location: Intersection of Taylor St. & Broadway St.

Remember Mia’s vintage car failing to make it up the hill and colliding with a cable car in the middle of the street? This well-known location is really the intersection of Taylor and Broadway Streets. This street is a lovely sight to be in so make sure to take some memorable pictures!

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