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5 Things Tourists Must Know Before Visiting Copenhagen  

Copenhagen is a melting pot of rich Scandinavian cultures, fantastic cuisine, and a variety of astounding attractions you could never imagine. It has everything you can think of to satisfy your touristy needs and this guide will help you uncover the things you absolutely must do before embarking on your adventure! 

Best Time To Visit: 

Like every country, there are times when each city shines the brightest. Months June, July, and August are the ideal time to explore the wonders of Copenhagen due to its pleasant weather and longer daylight hours which means more opportunities to savor each moment in the incredible city. 

Cultural Practices: 

Are you living in constant fear that you might unintentionally offend a Danish person? It’s definitely a common practice for tourists to adhere to the customs of a country they’re planning to visit. So, here are just a few that might help you: 

  • If you see a sign that says “Stillezone” (quiet zone), immediately mute your smartphone and be quiet (literally) 
  • When you’re invited to a Dane’s home, never forget to take off your shoes.
  • Being loud and staring at people is considered rude.
  • No matter what you do, never jaywalk! 

Where to stay: 

There are a plethora of accommodations to choose from in the heart of Denmark, however, it comes as no surprise that it might cause a pretty penny. Hence, staying in hostels can be life-changing due to their budget-friendly prices. Pro tip: make sure to book them in advance to avail of great discounts! 

A noteworthy place to stay would be Steel House Copenhagen which offers 6-room dormitories that only costs $27 dollars per night (you heard that right, just $27!) Generator Copenhagen also shakes things up with its spunky and quirky decor with also roughly $27 dollars per night. 

Things To Do:

Home to plenty of attractions that cater to history lovers, hipsters, and their glorious Danish delicacies, there is just a boatload of activities to do. Here are some interesting suggestions that you might find helpful: 

Tivoli Gardens

This enchanted place is inspired by Disneyland! Tivoli Gardens is filled to the brim with endless fantastic rides and delicious food options to try. 

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Torvehallerne Food Market 

Learning about a country’s culture is best absorbed by tasting its one-of-a-kind cuisine. Experience the authentic Danish culture like no other through their delicacies and dishes only at Torvehallarne Food Market. You can also experience a broad taste of Europe through differently curated stalls in the market. 


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