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TIME Names Galaxy Z Flip 3 As One Of 2021’s Finest Inventions

Best Inventions 2021

Samsung has done it once more! The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has united the capability of a smartphone with the portability of a 2000s-era flip phone, thanks to years of manufacturing breakthrough devices that change the way we live. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is in a class of its own, and no other manufacturer has produced a device with such originality. 

With the release of the Galaxy Z FIip3 5G this year, Samsung has scored a home run, with customers and tech aficionados taking notice of the finest smartphones of our time. It is, indeed, an accomplishment reached by Samsung after three generations of the foldable invention worthy of its title.

TIME writes:

“For the past few years, manufacturers have been trying to merge the functionality of smartphones with the portability of a ’00s-era flip phone—with results that were middling at best. But with the Galaxy Z FIip3, Samsung finally seems to have nailed it. The Z Flip is as compact as devices from two decades ago, only instead of a tiny display and physical dial pad, you get a vibrant 6.7-in. display, with another screen on the front cover so you can easily read messages or screen calls when it’s closed. Even better: the $999 price tag, making it the first mainstream phone with a foldable display that’s priced below $1,000.”

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