Drone Care 101: 5 Best Tips To Prevent Losing Your Drone 

What is a drone enthusiast’s worst nightmare? It’s a drone that abruptly disappears from view and stops responding. Here are a few widely used techniques that will reduce the likelihood of losing a drone. But it’s not impossible. It’s just less likely.

1.Download a Drone Tracking App

If you have a DJI Drone, download DJI GO. The Find My Drone option is available in that app. DJI cannot track your flights without it. 

2. Buy A GPS Tracker 

It’s always a good idea to have back up even if you own a drone with a built-in tracking app. External trackers are often waterproof, so this is a definite plus. 

3. Set The Return To Home Function

Before you set your drone to the horizon, always remember to set the Return to Home function to avoid it flying into dangerous terrain. 

4. Always Fly Line In Sight

It is never a good idea to monitor your drone simply through your live video stream. You won’t be able to see what’s behind or to either side of your drone if you do this. So, always keep in mind to watch your drone like a hawk!

5. Avoid Places That Have SIgnal Issues

Your drone and controller connect via radio waves broadcast at frequency ranges shared by almost all commercial wireless devices. As a result, unless you’re conducting a commercial job particularly documenting them, it’s regarded best practice to avoid these structures.

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