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LIST: Top 5 Best Hotels for Gamers 2022

Out with the old, in the new. Do you know what a gaming hotel is? Who knew some of this existed, right? Hotels have changed to appeal to gamers all over the world as technology has advanced. These hotels live and breathe technology, so check out this list if you’re seeking the futuristic gaming hotel of your dreams!

YOTEL, New York City

This hotel’s showpiece is a huge robot arm dominating the lobby, which provided mechanized luggage storage for visitors (as well as safety deposit boxes to store valuables). The YOBOT also offers self-service check-in, putting the brand far ahead of the contactless guest experience of today.

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Henn Na Hotel, Japan

Tokyo’s “The Robot Hotel” has established itself as the premier high-tech hotel. The company claims to be the world’s first hotel staffed entirely by robots – and there’s no denying that since customers are met at the front desk by robots.

The front desk at one location is even staffed by dinosaur robots and iPad kiosks, which is quite an experience. Expect only the most fun time here at Henn Na Hotel, Japan! 

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The Arcade Hotel- Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Arcade Hotel, dubbed the world’s first gaming hotel, was literally designed with gamers in mind. Every room in the hotel has modern gaming consoles as well as retro consoles, as well as a cutting-edge headset and, of course, a lightning-fast internet connection to enjoy it all.

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Staybridge Suites- London, England

While it’s not a full-scale gaming hotel, the GAMEPad Hotel Suites is unquestionably a video gamer’s dream come true. The suites include a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, as well as free WiFi, a 40-inch flat-screen TV, and other amenities.

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Hotel Zetta, San Francisco

Stylish and futuristic, Hotel Zetta is one of the trendiest high-tech hotels in the world right now. The hotel’s focal point is the VR cube, designed by a local tech business (of course), which provides guests with a totally immersive virtual reality experience. 

There are also Nintendo Switch consoles and Oculus VR headsets available for visitors to use in the comfort of their rooms to explore next-generation technology.

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