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Top 5 Coolest Libraries In The World 2022

In the midst of all this progress of mobile technology and book digitization, libraries continue to enchant book lovers because of their charm and appeal. There are libraries of diverse sizes and shapes all around the world, with simple or complicated and one-of-a-kind designs.

However, these are the most magnificent libraries that every bibliophile should add to their bucket list!

Biblioteca do Convento de Mafra- Mafra, Portugal

Feast your eyes on the Rococo splendor of this stunning library! A gorgeous sight of sophisticated interior design and opulent elements is displayed, with an extensive array of books nested.

Stuttgart City Library- Stuttgart, Germany

Inside, there’s a huge entryway with an open five-story chamber and a variety of departments, including music, arts, children’s books, and many more.  The dominant white tone and dazzling lighting create a whole new world that is both spacious and cozy.

Klementinum National Library- Prague, Czech Republic

Enthralling and breath-taking, right? It’s no surprise that the Klementinum is regarded as “Prague’s Baroque pearl.” Over 20,000 volumes of foreign theological literature are archived here. A portrait of Emperor Joseph II stands at the entrance to the hall to commemorate his efforts in conserving volumes from defunct abbey libraries, many of which are still housed in the hall today.

George Peabody Library- Baltimore, USA

Aside from the approximately 300,000 books nestled in the crevices of its sumptuous edifice, the cathedral-like atrium, marble floors, and wrought-iron embellishments are the main draws here. It’s accessible to the public and is the perfect spot to lounge and work.

This spectacular library is also Baltimore’s finest wedding venue, demonstrating how dynamic it is!

Vennesla Library- Vennesla, Norway

Ever seen a library that looks like it’s coming out from a Sci-Fi novel? The new library building, which opened in 2011, has won several architectural awards and has received attention both in Norway and abroad. This futuristic-looking library looks like a space station (if it existed) 


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