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Top 5 Hotels Wes Anderson Fans Will Love

Everything in Wes Anderson’s films has to do with his extensive use of vibrant themes and colors for the portrayal of his one-of-a-kind style. 

His films are so distinctly stylized, that it has become their own genre and that’s one of the reasons why people from all over the world have admired his work.

But have you ever wished you might be transported into his carefully curated world? Here are several vacation places where you can get a taste of Wes Anderson’s whimsical cinematic universe: 

Grand Hôtel Stockholm

Is this anything you’ve seen before? Yes, this looks just like The Grand Budapest Hotel. It appears to be an influence on the hotel’s intricate and bold design. 

There’s a reason why the Grand Hotel is highly rated 9.7 by guests– you can absolutely immerse into the Wes Anderson experience among the sumptuous halls, vivid city vistas, and the 1 Michelin Star restaurant managed by world-renowned chef, Mathias Dahlgren. 

Mr. Gustav would undoubtedly be pleased with how well-kept the hotel has been.

Jaipur’s Rajmahal Palace

Nestled in the heart of Jaipur, India, the Rajmahal Palace is what you can call a small slice of heaven with spectacular decor and large bunches/arrangements of flowers that are simply magnificent. 

Your eyes will feast on the oozing extravagance of the pastel color palette and elegance. Stay in accommodations so well-kept that you’ll think you’re on a sultry set of The Darjeeling Limited. You can book a stay here

The Jane Hotel, New York

The lavish crimson highlights and the big disco ball set in the center of the foyer harken back to a bygone age that will make lovers of The Royal Tenenbaums grin with excitement.

These awfully similar cozy bunk beds that the Tenenbaum children used to sleep on would make you squeal with delight!

Book a night in The Jane Hotel here 

Hotel Les Deux Gares

Prepare to be wowed by this unique hotel! When you walk into the foyer of Les Deux Gares in Paris, you are met by vibrant hues and the wonderful ambiance of art.

 The hotel is a work of art in and of itself, and you should absolutely give it a visit if you’re in Paris. Book a room here

Rosewood Hotel, London

The Rosewood Hotel, best described as the world’s ultra-luxurious on the Upper Eastside, entices you with its timeless appeal. Its complexity demonstrates Wes Anderson’s meticulous attention to detail. 

Your stay here will be memorable because it is furnished with only the finest decor and the best service. Staying in a pocket of heaven, like staying in a fancy hotel, comes at a cost.

The great news is, here at, you can find a deal at a fraction of the price!

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