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Top 5 Underrated Trendy Places  In Mexico 2022

5.) Guanajuato

The state of Guanajuato is known as the land of legends due to the residents’ infatuation with supernatural tales and if you love bizarre tourist spots like Museo de las Momias and “Kiss Alley” (an insane place that’s only 2 meters wide and couples who visit the alley are supposed to kiss in order to ensure seven years of happiness). 

4.) Las Pozas

Edward James, a wealthy, eccentric British poet, and surrealist art collector envisioned Las Pozas. He arrived in Xilitla in the late 1940s and began building the house he imagined as something out of a surrealist painting.

Edward James spent about 40 years building Las Pozas on a hillside in the rural Sierra Madre jungle before his death in 1984. Though never completed, his surrealist garden, with its focal point, the nine pools (Las Pozas), is a magical place that must be seen to be believed.

Where to stay: To visit Las Pozas, you’ll want to spend at least one night in a Xilitla hotel, as it’s pretty remote. Two of the best hotels in Xilitla are Posada Inkali Xilitla and Hotel Real de Lua. From there, you’ll drive your rental car or hire a taxi for the day to Las Pozas. Posada “Jardin Huasteca Xilitla” 

3.) Isla Aguada 

If you’re looking for an alternative to the popular Yucatan beaches, Isla Aguada should be on your list. It’s a ramshackle fishing town on a spit of land between the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna de Términos that exudes authentic Mexicana coast charm.

Where to stay: Cabañas Laguna is a pet-friendly slice of heaven where you can unwind after a vacation fantasy at Isla Aguada. It features intricately designed cottage houses, well-thought greenery, and an affordable price! 

2.) La Casa Azul 

La Casa Azul, also known as the Frida Kahlo Museum or The Blue House, is a historic art and house museum dedicated to the life and work of Frida Kahlo and one of Mexico City’s most popular attractions. 

Frida was born, raised, and died in the house, so it is a fitting memorial. While the museum can be quite crowded, making it difficult to photograph without other people getting in the way, you should definitely plan ahead of time and make time to explore Frida’s life and art here.


Wandering the streets of Chimalistac, you’ll come across some of Mexico City’s most photogenic houses. This neighborhood has plenty of Instagram-worthy spots, from intricately carved doors to tiled walls and cobblestone streets.

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