Best Reasons To Buy The Samsung AirDresser

Samsung AirDresser

Technology has come a long way! Samsung has recently tapped into laundry tech, along with smart washers and dryers. But the real question is, what is a Samsung AirDresser?

Samsung’s AirDresser is a hybrid of a dresser and an appliance. It comes with a cleaning system that cleans, deodorizes, steams, and dries your sensitive clothing. Simply hang your clothing on the AirHangers, choose your favorite mode, and start the machine. The remainder is taken care of by the AirDresser.

Best Reasons To Buy:

  • You will never have to worry about the extra work when doing the laundry and the JetStream sanitizes the clothing to get rid of 99% of bacteria. 
  • So you don’t have to, Self Clean technology reduces odors and deposits inside your AirDresser. It even sends you reminders every 40 cycles when it’s time for a cleaning.
  • Sensor Dry continuously detects the humidity of the garment and automatically reduces the drying time as needed, ensuring that your laundry is properly dried in the quickest time possible.

It’s none other than one of the best smart home devices you never knew you needed in your life! 

The Verdict

Easy to use thanks to AI-powered learning and Wi-Fi connectivity. AirDresser adds understated sophistication to your closet, office, or anywhere else in your home. 

The AirDresser should appeal to well-heeled business people who need to wear delicate clothing that is difficult to steam, iron, or dry clean on a regular basis. 

It’s a worthwhile investment for your smart home, get yours here at Home Depot!

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