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5 Travel Tips To Avoid Funny Travel Mistakes Stories

Funny travel mishaps are inevitable but to be fair, it takes a lot of effort to organize one. Laid out in this post are some tips to avoid travel mishaps! 

Travel Tip #1: Read the VISA Requirements 

You’re ready to go explore in a new country you’ve never been to but then the flight attendant says to your face “Where’s your VISA?” your jaw drops to the floor and you exclaim, “Wait, there’s a VISA?!” Never assume that because you can go into one country without a visa, you can go into another without one. So, when traveling always read the VISA requirements. 

Travel Tip #2: Check The Weather 

Imagine yourself planning to go on a fabulous beach trip but end up in shambles because the weather won’t allow you to. It’s key when traveling to take the weather into good consideration. Also, being flexible is also a plus when it comes to making the most of your vacation. Have fun and loosen up whenever plans don’t go your way! 

Travel Tip #3: Double Check The Year 

When planning to book tickets, always make sure that you’ve bought tickets that correspond to the year you’re going to travel. Remember to read the dates– sometimes ticket prices are too good to be true and you might be redirected to a promotion that’s two years from now! 

Travel Tip #4: Always Make Sure To Check The Date And Time 

What an absolute wreck would it be to miss a concert you’ve been looking forward to attending just because you got the dates wrong! You might even arrive days earlier because you might get the dates mixed up with other appointments. Gaslighting yourself won’t help, won’t it? 

So, remind yourself as much as possible– record every detail on your Google Calendar, planner and even record yourself saying the dates, and you can even have a ready-made itinerary at if you want the weight of remembering dates off your shoulders. 

Travel Tip #5: Learn To Laugh At Yourself 

Little things can ruin your trip and something all you can do on your trip is laugh at yourself and your misery. Breathe in, maybe things happened for a reason. Maybe it’s for the best, maybe it isn’t but one thing’s for sure: if things are out of your hands, let go and go with the flow! 

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