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Little-Known Ways To Travel More Sustainably

Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. There is no virtual debate for this one: climate change is undeniably real. When it comes to reducing our individual carbon footprints, one of the most straightforward ways to do it is to fly less. 

There are ways to make journeys more sustainable, including where you go, what you pack, and how you chose to get there, for individuals who wish to explore the world.

But that doesn’t let sustainability compromise having a memorable traveling experience. Here are some of the simple ways to travel more sustainably: 

Choose nearer destinations 

Local experiences, such as wandering in uncharted regions of your neighborhood or visiting museums in your city, are among the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Consider traveling a few hours to a beach or a forest if you want to go a little further. Even a small adventure can transport you to another universe.

Visit popular cities outside peak summer months 

If you really want to visit your dream destinations, make sure that you go outside peak season. With this, you’ll be able to book accommodations and day tours at a reduced rate. Also, stay longer and choose accredited accommodation (using a site like and find local activities that give back to residents, instead of going to mainstream ones. 

Once you’ve chosen your accommodation: 

  • Book an eco-friendly accommodation

Here’s a list of the most beautiful eco-friendly accommodations options

  • Seek out locals for authentic experiences 

Local guides and activities that give back to the community are a perfect way to ensure that your money is being given back to the locals that don’t get benefits from tourism. Buying unique hand-made souvenirs is also a plus in giving back to the local community. 


With great privilege, comes great responsibility. By implementing these travel tips, you can harness the power of eco-friendly traveling. Only you have the power to make a positive impact on the world. Happy travels!

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