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The Big 5: What Type of Traveler Are You? 

Even if travelers visited the same place, every individual has a unique narrative to tell. Have you ever considered what kind of traveler you are? This guide will assist you in determining your criteria for your next adventure. 

Discover who you are when you’re on vacation! Here are the big 5 traveler types:

The Soul-Searcher 

You embrace travel as a form of self-discovery, and you seek purpose in your life along these lines. Your main interest is solo travel and you want to have as much alone time as possible for self-reflection. You like to stay for longer lengths of time because you want to soak in the brilliant hues of the place. 

The Family Traveler 

You still love to travel as much as you did when you were younger and more carefree. You love making a list and planning every single detail that goes to that vacation. Nowadays, it’s all about kids’ clubs rather than nightclubs, but you wouldn’t have it any other way! You would never want to set out on your own because you want your children to experience the joy of travel.

The Nature Lover 

Does your heart start dancing whenever you think about camping? You would much rather go on a hiking trip rather than stay at a 5-star hotel. If you have free time, you’d the thought of going to the countryside is your main niche. You love outdoor activities like canoeing and simply connecting with mother nature. 

The Hipster 

You’d rather go against the flow and tour the area like a local. You’d rather see hidden treasures than overpriced tourist traps. Your primary goal is to immerse yourself in the cultural experience of the location in the most unusual way possible.

The Daredevil 

If one word could describe you it would be this: bold. You enjoy overcoming challenges and seeking unique experiences, but adrenaline-pumping excursions excite you the most! You want to skydive from a great height, jump off a cliff, or raft through wild rapids, and the risk factor inherent in these adventure sports is what you willingly accept as a challenge. All for the greater thrill!

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