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Where To Stay In Kansas City 2022

21c Museum Hotel Kansas City– Rating: 8.9/10

Did you know that this cool hotel used to be the historic Savoy Hotel but they combined it with the Grill building? And the results are incredible! The 120 guest rooms and suites provide a welcoming sanctuary despite the 21c galleries’ art and activities. The rooms here have high ceilings, contemporary furnishings, and stunning original artworks. 

They also have a wide array of delectable cuisine to your choosing. Like they say “Come for the art; stay for the food”. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing remains constant in this hotel– the safety and wellness of its guests and employees. 

Loews Kansas CityRating: 9.2/10

Loews is the hotel that exhibits the new era of hospitality! The all-new hotel showcases a lobby bar, a three-meal restaurant, a grab & go coffee shop, and even an indoor lap pool! Their state-of-the-art facilities and world-class service are the main reasons why people keep on coming back.

Conveniently, Loews is a walking distance of Kansas City’s main attractions, so if you’re looking for a hotel that hits all the check-marks, this is the place for you! 

Crossroads Hotel Rating: 9.2/10

Just take a look at that stunning interior design. Gorgeously designed rooms and suites help define the Crossroads experience. But more importantly, this is where history and modernity meet. The energy, creativity, and passion that define Kansas City can call this place home. 

The warmest and most friendly staff bring you a slice of what heaven looks like. If you want to experience high-class facilities and services that are worth the money Crossroads Hotel is your best pick. 

The Truitt– Rating: 9.6/10

This new-fashioned city hideaway isn’t your average stay– it’s gorgeously manicured but not overly fussy. It’s no secret why this home has been raved and written about in papers and magazines alike since 1916. With spacious rooms and luxurious bathrooms, you’ll find these spaces are a mix of yesterday with touches of modern chic and playful design. 

Each room has its own unique vibe at the Truitt Boutique Hotel.

Ambassador Hotel– Rating: 9.1/ 10 

Experience the Midwest warmth and timeless elegance of Kansas City at the Ambassador Hotel. You like jazz? (Yes this is exactly what you’re thinking — a Bee Movie reference). What sets this hotel apart from the others is that you can attend the #1 Jazz Show in Kansas City. and their exquisite American-style cuisine. There’s no wonder that this hotel has been raved about and highly rated by guests all over the world.

The Ambassador Hotel is everything a great hotel should be– over-the-top service and top-tier amenities.

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