Smart Washers

Why Every Household Needs A Samsung Smart Washer

Smart appliances use cutting-edge technology to make a positive difference in our lives. In terms of products, features, and sizes, laundry is one of the most diversified appliance categories. Just like the Samsung Smart Hub, a washer and dryer are a must in a smart home.

If you’re in the market for a new washer and dryer, you may be wondering what the benefits of choosing a “smart” appliance over a “standard” appliance are. 

I only worry about clean clothes at the end of the day. What can smart laundry do to improve the situation?

Reduces Laundry Mistakes

Isn’t it a pain to have your beloved t-shirt shrink and get permanently stained? Remote diagnostics and automatic dispensing are two ways smart washers eliminate human error. If your smart washer or dryer isn’t working properly, remote diagnostics will tell you exactly what’s wrong, saving you time and aggravation. To get remote diagnostics from a Samsung washer, it doesn’t have to be WiFi-equipped.


Everyone with a high-efficiency laundry machine uses too much soap, resulting in residue on your clothes and machine maintenance difficulties. Thanks to the Auto Dispense System, you can load up to 20 loads of detergent and softener into the detergent drawer, and the washer will precisely dispense the proper amount of cleaning solution for a perfect wash every time.

Best Features: 

  •  OptiWash™ immediately detects soil levels during the washing cycle and adjusts the time or detergent to ensure that your garments are thoroughly clean.
  • Super Speed Wash can wash a full load of clothes in just 28 minutes with full performance, and a complete wash and dry in under an hour with an optional Super Speed Dryer.
  • The EPA has given this washer its seal of approval for delivering cutting-edge energy efficiency and technological advancement.

You’re paying for more than just efficiency; you’re also paying for convenience. When you use the Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer, washing your clothes will no longer be a chore.

Learn more about the Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer here
Consumers at Home Depot have given this appliance a high rating and vouch for its features. Shop your first smart washer here

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