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Why Every Smart Home Needs The Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub

It’s 2021— smart washers, refrigerators, gas stoves, and other appliances are commonplace. It’ll be difficult to get them all to cooperate in order to make a really smart home. 

Samsung’s SmartThings hub has long been the most popular way to connect all of these devices. Now in its 3rd generation, the Samsung SmartThings Hub has a sleeker design and comes with Wi-Fi. 

Samsung SmartThings is one of the best smart home integration available. It’s compatible with the majority of smart home systems and allows you to control all of your smart devices from a single app. 

While you may use SmartThings with dozens of Wi-Fi smart devices without a hub, you’ll need one to get the most out of the service.

Best Reasons To Buy:

  1. You Can You Voice Assistant 

SmartThings, unlike some other connected home solutions, makes it simple to connect with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You may add any or all of your SmartThings devices to the corresponding applications on your phone and then control them with your voice. 

  1. Monitored Alarm System 

SmartThings makes it simple to use motion and door sensors to transmit intruder alerts, but it goes even farther by integrating Scout, a 24/7 monitored alarm system. Scout will use your connected sensors to monitor your house, send notifications to your phone, and even alert the police in an emergency using SmartThings’ built-in Smart Home Monitor.

  1. Set Up Routines

What if we told you that you could create a hybrid routine? As in, you can set your lights to turn off when you go to bed, turn on the coffee machine, and even turn off everything when you leave the house? The SmartThings Hub can take convenience to new heights!

The Verdict 

If you’re seeking to enter into the smart home area and are at least a little tech knowledgeable, a SmartThings hub should be no problem. This is one of the best all-around devices for your home or office. 

Learn more about the Samsung SmartThings Hub here

Make the Samsung SmartThings the heart of your home here!

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