Life-Changing Galaxy Watch 4 Updates 2021

The Galaxy Watch 4 series is the latest line of Galaxy watches. With a software upgrade available starting October 20th, Galaxy Watch 4 owners may take customization to the next level and have access to additional capabilities.

You may now take advantage of these exciting new features! Continue reading to find out more:

New Faces 

You now have the ability to customize your Galaxy Watch 4 in any manner you wish. The watch faces have drastically improved! You can now choose up to 4 faces. With just a glance, you can check your health stats on the Info Brick, look at today’s weather forecast at the Weather center, access the Basic Dashboard or Live Wallpapers.

Customized Wallpaper 

Another cool feature is instead of a static photo, you can now choose a moving GIF for your My Photo+ watch face to create more engaging and colorful watch faces that are absolutely unique to you. On your Animal watch face, you may now mix and match up to four complexities, which is amazing!

New Steps Challenge Animations 

The update also adds more amusing animations to your Steps Challenge watch face, which will help you stay inspired as you track your progress in the challenge. 

From stretching before a challenge to cheering after you win, an adorable animated bear will accompany you throughout the competition. This update allows you to bring a friend everywhere you go.

Gesture Control

A new gesture that allows you to just knock on the smartphone to open a certain app or execute a function, such as playing music. 

Fall Detection 

Fall detection was also improved as part of the update. The Galaxy Watch 4 can now detect a fall without you having to move. With this useful function, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

To check for updates all you have to do is:

Go to Settings > Software update on your watch to see if your Galaxy Watch 4 has received an update.

Alternately, go to Watch settings > Watch software update in the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.

Learn more about the update here

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