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Top 5 Secret Hidden Gems In Panama 2022

5.) Panama Viejo 

Take a leap back in time and experience what Panama used to be like. Magnificent, yet quaint this UNESCO World Heritage site is a certified slice of history that is worth the visit! With this exclusive access, you can skip the lines and experience not only what it has been during the old times in Panama, but also idyllic views of the new Panama! 

4.) Panama Canal and Museum Tour

Boasting as one of the world’s most important trade assets, this engineering excellence has been one of the most must-see places in Panama! This package includes a guided museum tour and an IMAX film showing an in-depth history of how the greatest canal of mankind was made. Not only that but you are also accommodated back to Panama City for your convenience. 

3.) Ancon Hill 

If conquering hills is your niche interest, then you’re in for a treat in this travel package! From on top of the hill, you can have a spectacular view of the Panama Canal and there you can even have the opportunity to see local wildlife including toucans, sloths, and tamarin monkeys. 

2.) Guna Yala 

Escape to a piece of paradise on earth that you’d never forget! San Blas islands can be accessed by a scenic boat ride where you can take in breathtaking views of the pristine islands and sapphire-blue waters. Snorkel in the waters to your heart’s content and stroll on the softest white sand beaches you can ever find. During your island adventure, you’ll be served a lunch of fried fish or chicken with rice, salad, and a choice of beverage.

1.) City Culinary Tour

Experience Panama’s finest cuisine with this budget-friendly guided tour! You can savor all the flavors Anthony Bourdain has experienced in his lifetime at the Old Town seafood market. From appetizers to dessert, this top-notch culinary tour will knock your socks off! 

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